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Rockin' Like Dokken
2004-08-04 - 5:18 p.m.

Somewhere in the Universe, Karma lent a sympathetic ear, because Brake for Winslow has a gig in three weeks!

Our bass player, Smilin' Mike Medlin, has found - nay, created - a gig for us. He went to a place called The Shamrock (stay with me here), and spoke to the owner. The owner, we'll call him Chong, said that he's never had live bands at his place. So Smilin' Mike talks him into it. Can you dig that? Mike created a gig for us. Result! So we have a gig, and, if this one goes well, Chong may be inclined to have us return.

I'm so happy about getting out to play live that the money doesn't really bother me. We will be getting paid, just whatever we can pull at the front door. Finally, a chance to play in front of people again!

The only potential downside is the audience. The Shamrock is conveniently located within walking distance of a trailer park, so I'm not certain what kind of clientele we will be dealing with. Brake for Winslow is a Pop / Rock band. Chong seemed to be pleased that we do know some "Classic Rock" songs (Bowie, Led Zep, etc.), but he didn't seem to be jazzed about our newer music. I wonder how our original music will go over. If the crowd calls out for "Gimme Three Steps" and we play "Sweatpant Girl" instead, will we have a happy crowd?

Time will tell...

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