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Music, Sweet Music
2004-06-09 - 9:58 a.m.

Music, Sweet Music

A lot of my life revolves around music.

I own somewhere around 1,200 CDs that range from ABBA to Zappa (quite literally), I play guitar and keyboards, I'm in a band (Brake for Winslow), and I write songs. A lot of my work is kind of stinky, but I also have the occasional "this certainly doesn't sound any worse than the latest Britney-Vanessa-Christina song" musical moment. Not that I write music for divas. I'm a guy. And I RAWK! Well, I at least RAWK as much as Blink 182 or Cheap Trick.

So a lot of my music is kind of PopPunkRock flavored. I'm a sucker for a catchy Pop song, especially if the guitars are turned up loud. I just took "The Darkness - Permission To Land" out of the CD player, and popped in "OK Go", a criminally under-appreciated band. The Darkness make me smile, as I'm a huge Queen fan, and I think that it's great that in 2004 some group of guys are trying to make certain that Glam Rock lives on as more than a footnote in musical history. Plus, how can you see a guy singing falsetto in a spandex catsuit, and not find that funny?

I sometimes think that my music is interesting enough that if I were younger, and a chick with a nice rack, I'd probably have a record deal by now. But I also sometimes think that I should give up music altogether, but mostly I enjoy it.

Admittedly, I'm definitely in the wrong town to be "discovered". Richmond, Virginia is kind of a musical wasteland. There are quite a few more-than-competent bands here, but not much of an audience for original music. Hell, national acts rarely show up here. I assume that it's because no one here comes to their shows, because no one in Richmond wants to drive more than six miles from their own house. But that's another story.

So, I continue to plug along at my music, hoping that an audience will find its way to me and my original music.

I keep hoping for that, because I don't know if I can do the wedding circuit.

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