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Magic Cone
2005-08-01 - 2:59 p.m.

Greatest. Invention. Ever! Check out the animation on the Instructions page!

Magic Cone

This is brilliant! Damn! Why are all the good inventions already taken!? I'm never going to be a quirky billionaire inventor if people like this keep beating me to the punch!

I've always tried to think of disposable items (since America seems to be such a disposable society), and these guys came up with one that I never would have thought of! Sure, I came up with disposable wrist watches (ahead of its time), disposable eyeglasses, and disposable bedsheets, but I could never get anyone to market them. I even tried to invent the disposable car, but it turns out that the Yugo beat me to it.

Mark my word - Wal-mart could sell a billion of these things. Just put a NASCAR driver number on the side of the thing, you'll sell at least one million right there. Sell them right there at the race track! No self-respecting woman would want to get her cutoff blue jean shorts next to those nasty toilet bowls anyway!

Hmmm. Maybe I could get a distributorship for these things...

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