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Ichiban - The First
2004-06-01 - 8:03 p.m.

Well, this is my first entry, so I guess that I'll spill about myself.

Feel free to call me Pungo, although no one else does. I live in Virginia, where it's now Summer, bringing with it the magic science that makes the other side of the pillow cooler, and a whole lot of humidity.

I'm married with two dogs (a lot cheaper than kids, and I can lock them in a cage when they misbehave without fear of having Child Services called on me). My wife is one of the better things to have happened in my life, so you won't find me bitching much about her on this page.

I'm a computer programmer, but I'm one of the rare geeks that managed to cultivate some form of social skills that extend beyond talking about science fiction with other geeks. Thus, you won't find any Star Trek discussions here either.

Today I'm dealing with a rotten sunburn that I got over the weekend. I've never really tanned well - I'm one of the eternal "burn and peel" guys. I think that a picture of me with a tan when I was seven exists. Since then, burn and peel.

I went to DC to witness the WWII Memorial dedication, and while trying to round up relatives for the trip, I completely forgot about sunscreen. Now I'm paying the price. Ouch.

I was burned just as badly when I was 17, but this time I made the wise decision of not listening to my Mom. On the Fateful Burn of 17 I made the mistake of taking some sort of cream to put on my sunburn from my Mom. She assured me that it would "take the heat out", which I suppose I was to understand as "it will bring the heat to the surface of your skin, and magnify it to the point where you will consider removing your limbs to lessen the pain, all the while praying for the sweet release of death". Subtext is kinda lost on me sometimes.

So, now I sit here waiting for the skin to start peeling. Even my scalp is sunburned - got sunburned right where my hair was parted. I noticed this burn when I tried to wash my hair, and instantly started to weep.

The best part of the burn is my forehead. My hair was hanging down in front of my forehead, at least directly above my eyebrows. So the sun could only reach the middle of my forehead, leaving a deep red burnstripe in the center, which looks all the more brilliant if my hair is brushed back. Great eedjit look.

All in all, the WWII memorial looked awesome, at least what we could see on the monitors. Security was kinda tight, what with three Presidents being there, so I didn't get to actually approach the memorial. I hope to go back in October to tour the actual memorial. And the number of octogenarians moving around under their own power was impressive, to say the least. I guess we are talking about guys that survived WWII, so they're probably tough folks.

The weekend was pretty good, aside from the sunburn. It's a lame ending to this entry, but maybe I'll get the hang of this later.

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