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House Doctor
2004-08-22 - 8:34 a.m.

Because some of you have asked: eedjit = idiot. I just prefer the Irish pronunciation (see "Father Ted" on BBC).

High on the list of People That Need To Have Their Asses Kicked: The schmucks that built my house. It would seem that when my house was built (in the late 1980s) that building inspectors were on the take. I can find no other explanation for some of the things that were done to my house. The latest find revealed a vent pipe that runs down through my roof into my attic space, that the builder sawed off so he could create an access panel to get into the attic from inside my bedroom. He just sawed it off. So rainwater has been coming into this vent pipe, and emptying into my attic space. And yes, it has been making ugly spots on my bedroom ceiling. The bit that amazes me is that this has been there since the house was built, and somehow it has taken this long to become a problem.

So I go buy some PVC pipe from the local Lowe's and climb into my attic to fix the connections. Not too difficult to do, PVC cuts pretty easily, and glueing the stuff together isn't very hard. However, I wasn't wearing one of those painter's masks while I was up there. You know, the ones that make you look like some ridiculous doctor working on his house.

Note to self: always wear the ridiculous doctor mask when working around blow-in insulation. Because when you start moving blow-in insulation around, some of the little fibers get airborne. And then you breathe them in. Which makes for a miserable sore throat for three days.

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