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You're fine. Everythings's fine.
2004-07-10 - 7:26 a.m.

"You're fine. Everythings's fine."

Okay guys, show of hands. How many times have you heard that phrase from a woman? And when you've heard that phrase, you instantly knew that you were dead, right?

I still struggle to understand the hypocrisy of women. Every month there's another article in Cosmopolitan about how women "really wish that men would talk to them. Communication is key."

These are the same women that, somehow, you go to talk to them one day and you feel the temperature in the room drop. You begin to see your breath in the air because everything just got so cold. So you ask, "What's the matter? Has something upset you?"

"No. You're fine. Everything's fine."

Obviously a lie. A lie coming from someone that "just wishes you would communicate".


I consider myself a fairly open-minded person, and I also strive to communicate well with the women in my life. So why do I have to put up with this attitude?

Simply put: I love women.

I love the way they smell, the way they move, the way they feel. The way they make me feel. I cannot remember a time of not loving girls. Even at the point where I was supposed to be too young to think about girls in a non-romantic way, I thought girls were hot.

I love women so much that I open doors for women. I love women so much that I put toilet seats down. So why do I put up with things being "fine"?

Love makes you do crazy things.

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